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Why do you need more traffic?

The number of visitors directly affect your website ranking!

Why do you need more traffic?
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The main goal with any website is to be ranked number one for obvious reasons. search and analytics engines these are powerful tools and are the most efficient and most important way that consumers find information online.

When you are at the beginning, your website will not have traffic only with only with few tricks such as sharing in social media and traffic exchange. If you want to be able to get a consistent number of visitors on the site, it would be an important step to use ours traffic exchange service free or premium.

Search engine optimization still does not bring traffic to your website? Don't worry because with our traffic exchange service you can have a lot of traffic until your seo is the top traffic website source.

Organic Hits Features

Traffic Exchange service, which automatically delivers free traffic to your website.

Full Automatic

All operations are fully automatic, payments, purchases, sessions, designed by experts to save your time.

Simple & Easy

Friendly interface wich make it easy to use, we guarantee you the best experience with our service.

Instant Exchange

When you buy or start a session, you'll start getting visitors instantly from others.


You can easily control your spends funds, your money will remain safe in your wallet until you need it.

Safe & Secure

Is a smart & secure system keeps you and your websites safe, Visitors can enter your site directly.

Experts Support

We're always stand by to solve any issue that you may appear, 24h Support.

Best Traffic Exchange Service in The World

High Quality Web Traffic

The best way to get website traffic to your website. Increase your rankings using the most trusted auto-surf traffic exchange service on the planet. is a free traffic exchange service where participants can exchange traffic with other website owners. A quick registration and instant validation of your websites.

We have large volume of sites on our exchange database and for convenience, they are viewed in an automated way. Each participant visits the websites of other members through a program and receives hits in return the same way. That's all you need to do to increase your website traffic.


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How the system works?

It's actually easier than you think...


Setup your account

Create an account and add your websites which want to deliver visitors to.


Earn or buy points

Download the exchanger app and start earning points or just buy traffic packages.


Delivering visitors instantly

That's it, now just wait for visitors to come at your websites or youtube videos.

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Organic Hits traffic exchange has a powerful traffic session manager which automatically visits other sites. With, everything is simple. You can earn free traffic or buy a traffic package from us. That's all you need to do to increase your website traffic. Choose a Traffic Quality level suitable for your needs. Among other options, you can configure Geotargeting and Traffic Source of the visitors. It is important to know that this is automatic traffic exchange service but in same time people are very real and without any chance of being penalized by search engines and efficient to improve your rank, your bounce rate, your customers.

Free Website Booster

Refer a Friend & Earn $100

Earn to 100 USD in Referrial Reward when you refer friends and your website users.

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Refer a Friend & Earn $100
Increase Your Website Traffic

Increase Your Website Traffic

Our system automatically delivers traffic to your pages, youtube videos, social media accounts!

  • Real quality traffic
  • Increase your seo ranking
  • Generate new leads
  • Raise brand awareness
  • Change visit duration
  • Geo-targeted traffic
  • Hourly traffic control
  • Custom referrer source
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Kenneth Evans

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Elizabeth Hammond

"Definitely worth the investment. I couldn't have asked for more than this. I love Organic Hits traffic exchange. Thanks for the great service."

William K. Holbrook
William K. Holbrook
SEO Manager

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